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Removing die-cast part's parting line and gate

milling cutter

do process with rotating Kreuz's original deburring tool by more than 10,000rpm

Deburring, Chamfering
CVT secondary slidingCover caliperThrottle body 
CVT primary slidingCAM shaftDisk caliperHeat exchanger
H3 outerCAM housingDoor hundleBracket cup
IPM housingCAM bracketDrive shaftBlock cover
TA caseCarrier CAMDrive pinionFront caliper
TCC coverCase adapterDrive pulleyBearing cap
VCT housingCase frontDrumBearing retainer
Outer raceReducer caseTransaxle
Aluminium wheelConverter caseTransmission caseMarine engine block
IntakeConverter housingDriven shaftYoke
Inverter caseCompressor housingParking brakeLadder frame
Inverter housingSide coverHousing clutchRear cover
WaterinletSupport statorHousing caseReverse clutch
Water jacket coreShaft statorVacuum pumpReverse brake
Oil panCylinder blockHubRocker arm
Oil filter capCylinder headBalance shaftwelding part for canning
Gas meter bodyCylinder head coverValve body
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