Our units are used worldwide, mainly in automovile industries.

Main Customers

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Automobile parts manufacturers
  • Die-cast parts manufacturers
  • Transportation machineries,
      such as train and vessel, manufacturers
  • Industrial tools manufacturers
    and so on…

Case examples

The processing case animation of each category is introduced.

Deburring, Chamferingdie-cast part's parting line, gatemilling cutter
die-cast part's parting lineN file
eject pineject pin cutter
molded plastic brush
casting core's parting linedeburring bar 
machining burrchamfering cutter, milling cutter 
welding beadslow away endmill 
Millingfinishing die-cast part, cast metalface milling
Finishing edgechamfering steel gearfloating scraper
machining burrfloating cutter
Grindingremoving cast metal's spruediamond wheel (φ400mm) 
Deburring at crossing holescrossing holes(u turn process)X tool(pat.)
crossing holes(UFO process)
crossing holes(rotating process)
Cuttingcutting cast metal's spruerim saw
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