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Specific unit for each purpose

Deburring unit for crossing holes

High speed syncronized control
high frequency movement of back and forth 10mm with 10Hz
Pattern machining
concentrated machining at crossing point that has burr
Easy programing
possible to make program of complex machining with just input some parameters
Long life tool
comparing with deburring by brush, tool life is much better since cemented carbide chips are used in tool.
Quill feed structure
possible to insert tool into the center of hole straight since tool itself moves in line


High speed synchronized movements of 2 axes

use 2 types of pattern machining depending on condition(total synchronized control of quill feed and tool rotation)

X tool

use BN and UFO type depending on hole's diameter

UFO tool…eccentric machining
for large bore
deburring with offset to hole

BN tool…concentric machining
for small bore
deburring wish concentric position to hole

Double action floating

possible to ajust the tooling position up to φ2 and 1.5° by floating structure

Deburring unit for CAM

speedy deburring on CAM with gyro floating and following CAM profile control



basic theory of spinning top

following theories are well known.

①To keep orientation axis
 behavior of keeping its posture
 changing orientation angle by gravity force

stable orientation axis ⇒ axis which has the largest inertia moment
orientation axes available infinitely, however, spinning top rotates with axis which has the largest inertia moment

basic theory of keeping rotation axis, jyro effect, is used in many fields.

①Toys (Spinning top, Gyroscope, Stone skipping)
②Sports (Throwing ball, Javelin throw)
③Gun (Rifling)
④Machine (Gyrocompass, Gyroscope)

*Kreuz's GYRO FLOATING uses this theory.

case example of GYRO FLOATING


ToolingGrinding stone(CBN#60)φ80 2pcs 3000rpm
WorkCAM shaft
ProcessDeburring on both edges of CAM (C0.5)
Developed Technology1corresponding variety of CAM width, 4mm MAX
process to use both side of grinding stone
Developed Technology2SYNCHRO's high speed control to follow CAM profile
Process time2.5s/1CAM

Gear Deburring Machine

syncronizes chamferring tool movement and gear rotation, then tool follows gear edge to do deburring evenly.


  • high productivity machine specialized for gear deburring
  • 6 axes simultaneous control in compact size
  • high accuracy location control in 3D based on scraping theory and enough operationg range
  • no work phase position required for setting just rotate work in normal and reverse rotation for high speed process.
    about 5 sec for deburring M1 gear's one surface corresponds many types of gears. spur gear, helical gear, internal gear, sprocket, spline, serration, gear with shaft module range: 0.2 - 6.0
  • using high accuracy specialized floating adapter for scraping process easy preparation with parameters input method on machine


KREUZ 3D ANGLE METHOD is scraping theory to control gear deburring quality with setting above 3 parameters.
Gear Deburring Machine uses this technology.

Scraper 3D angle