Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policies of KREUZ Co.,Ltd. are followings.
Please note that policies may change without prior notice.

At KREUZ Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), we feel that it is our social responsibility to appropriately handle and securely manage the information that is provided to us by our customers. Moreover, it is our belief that this concept forms the basis for establishing a trustworthy relationship with customers.

In order to protect the privacy of personal information provided by our customers, the Company adheres to all laws and regulations related to personal privacy protection, including the law about protection of personal information, as well as guidelines stipulated by the competent minister. At the same time, the Company has established the following basic policies for protecting our customer's privacy. In this way, the Company is striving to appropriately handle and protect personal information.

  1. collecting personal information appropriately, and disclosing and informing perpose

    Whe the Company appropriately collect personal information (information about existing individual can identify the person), the Company disclose the purpose of use of personal information prior to collecting, or inform you immediately after collecting; however, the Company disclose the purpose of use when the Company collect personal information directly from you on paper document or other.
  2. Uses

    The Company will make use of personal information only within the scope appropriate to the purpose of use to which you have agreed; however, this shall not apply in cases where you have agreed beforehand or the case is defined as an exception by law.
  3. Provide information to third parties

    The Company will not supply or disclose your personal information (Personal information is to create personal information database
  4. Management of personal information

    The Company will make ongoing efforts to keep personal information latest and correct, and will make reasonable efforts to maintain and improve security to ensure that personal information is managed safely.
  5. Inquiries regarding personal information collected

    The Company will correspond upon identification of inquiries' sender when we receive inquiries from you to disclose personal information kept or inform the purpose of use or correct personal information kept or stop using personal information kept.
  6. Respond to inquries

    With personal information managed, the Company will make ongoing efforts to upgrade company structure to quickly respond to inquries or complains from you.
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