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Total structure from making ideas to launch device for deburring, chamfering, edging.

Total structure from making ideas to launch device for deburring, chamfering, edging, milling, grinding and so on.

Consider introduction of deburring machine→Consider of process and machine structure→Define machine specifications→Order→Machine designing, producing and adjusting(test run)→Delivery, adjusting at customer site, training→Start production with KREUZ's machine

Kreuz, a special producer of automatic deburring devices, always do design and develop the most suitable process based on unique tool engineered ideas.

Product Category 1: Robot Controlling Unit

Roborouter (RBR series)

Product Category 2: Tooling

Select based on process

Product Category 3: Floating Device

Resolve variability issue with stable pushing force

Product Category 5: Offline Teaching Software

Deburring CAM

Product Category 6: Specific unit for each purpose

  • ・Deburring unit for crossing holes
  • high frequency controlling unit(SYNCRO)

    deburring on crossing holes with using X tool synchronize tool's rotation and moving back-forth.

  • ・Deburring unit for CAM

  • deburring on CAM with moving grind stone following CAM profile and controling each servo axis of rotating CAM

  • ・Gear Deburring Machine

  • deburring on gear edge with syncronizing rotating gear and controling each servo axis of deburring tools, and complete deburring during just 1 round of work rotation

  • ・Screw deburring tool

  • deburring easily on thread by tool chip installed on die.
    with floating unit on die, deburring process can follow thread shape.
    System unit can be developed easily with synchronism control.

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